The work


Anthony Duffeleer uses different media as a catalyst to externalize his thinking patterns. This intuitive externalization is most likely determined by the multidisciplinary nature that is the constant in the trajectory he walks. Often objects, which can be of different origin, are intuitively altered or combined with other existing or newly created objects. He considers the works, which are often but not always assemblages, as a reflective interlocutor in which the vibrations of our society are captured, he does not shy away from autobiographical influences, they are an innate part of it. It has happened that the title of a work is changed after it was revealed, after all reflections can change, even after the work has changed ownership. Impermanence, our position in time and space, humility, suffering, mental stratification, stigma and even arrogance are actors that, together with his empirical approach and sometimes tackled by mental distortion or humor, determine the identity of the constantly emerging work. 

Convinced that being an artist implies dedication, he states that dedication does not entail the exclusive right to take the artist hostage. It is only recently (2020) that Anthony Duffeleer decided to show his work, which originated more than two decades ago.

Several works of Anthony Duffeleer are included in diverse private collections.  

Anthony Duffeleer is represented by Art Gallery De Wael 15, based in Antwerp, Belgium


The path


Anthony Duffeleer was born in 1972 in Waregem, Belgium. Today he's living and working in Belgium ('s-Gravenwezel situated to the North of Antwerp) and in France (Murs, situated in the Vaucluse). He was educated as an architect and goldsmith. In the late nineties he was collaborating with Maarten Van Severen(†) in the studio and as a project architect for several projects such as the realisation of the project S.M.A.K. (initiated by Jan Hoet †), among other projects. 


In the same period he graduated as a goldsmith under supervision of Sofie Lachaert. As an architect he finished his internship in the architects office of Frank Delmulle (Currently known as Delmulle Delmulle Architecten).


After graduating, he promptly started his own studio [FRAP] architects & [FRAP] productdesign together with his wife Freia Rombouts. As a product designer Anthony Duffeleer was awarded several times (IF award, Good design Award,..) for the different lighting designs within the collection of the Belgian company DARK[FRAP] architects realized successful innovative projects as there are Centrauto (BMW-MINI Concession) which was awarded several times. The project obtained a 'Federauto Green Award (2014)' in Belgium and a Global 'Excellence in Sustainability Award' (2012). Furthermore there is a consistent portfolio of different site-specific projects.


From de mid-nineties there is this parallel art trajectory. 


The studio

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